A gesture that we repeat every day for years: makeup removal.

Nothing out of the ordinary, no, but let’s face it: since spotlights are finally on global importance issues, such as sustainable development, we’ve all questioned some of our habits, and we have adjusted behaviours that, before, seemed harmless and totally normal to us. We are living in an era of great changing and this makes of us, and of the companies that work in a sustainable way, pioneers in the creation of a new and harmonious relationship with our Earth. Thank’s to the web and the socials, we are able to spread, communicate, eliminate distances and being, this way, active part in the transformation of the reality that surrounds us.

One need only to look at the process of metamorphosis in place in the market offer system that, albeit timidly, starts to shift the focus to a more conscious consumer, proof of how much our personal choices actually weight, in a global market perspective. Every solution adopted by a single person, that reaches groups of people, could intensively reflect itself on economics, generating a mass demand. Paradoxically, in the individualistic age par excellence, we are going back to regain possession of the sense of community, to feel the need of experiencing it, in a pattern of connections sustained by collaboration, cooperation and participation.

Thus, wearing makeup, a gesture that might look insignificant at first, converted into a conscious and sustainable action, may cause an infinite series of reactions, unleashing little chains of events, little outbreaks of change.

Think that, using minimum a disk a day for cleansing, we throw in the trash at least 365 disks per year. Let’s multiply this number for each of our friends or collegue, the number becomes scarily high, so yes, it’s even clearer that we can really make the difference!

In the stores that sell natural cosmetics we can also find washable disks realized in sustainable materials, such as bamboo, linen or sea sponge. Pay attention, because unfortunately have been released also reusable but not sustainable products, in microfiber, that is plastics materials. Let’s choice the first ones.

If we have a bit of manual skill and patience, in a simple and funny way, we can create customized disks with recycled materials: because also re-using is a good practice to promote, it allows to give new life to something we don’t use anymore.

Take old towels and cotton T-shirts, with the help of a glass, trace and cut some circles, now overlap a sponge disk to one (or two if you want it thicker) cotton disk and sew its edge. You can do it with the sewing machine by setting the over-sewing or the zigzag, but also by hand. The disks will give two different sensations: the side with the sponge will be rough and slightly exfoliating, while the cotton one is softer and more delicate.

Get creative with the research of the cutest and most original combinations between the fabrics, you will be able to realize pretty gifts for your friends, maybe combining them with a delicate natural tonic homemade.

And be sure to remember of always washing the disks with a natural soap or detergent, key step for a complete skin and environment care.