Trame di stile is a company that leaves nothing to chance. The history of the logo brings with it the love for the nature and for the Earth, intended as the planet that hosts us, but also as ground. The ground that for us is a source of livehood, that nourishes us. That’s why Trame di stile chose the burnt sienna color for its logo, because it has the respect for the life in every sense, as a staple of its entrepreneurial ethic.

Burnt sienna, the pigment

The burnt sienna is a natural inorganic mineral pigment. It’s co called because once it was obtained by extracting it from a quarry located in Bagnoli di Arcidosso, once part of the Republic of Siena. To reach this hue, the natural sienna is subjected to calcination, that is the heating of the pigment at high temperatures

Burnt sienna is a color that evokes nature, matter, prosperity. It’s the color of the cultivated land, of abundance, of genesis. The history of the Trame di stile logo narrates just this, the association between nature and piece of clothing, in absolute harmony with the planet.

Burnt sienna, the color of balance

The frequency in which this pigment is found is about at the half of the visible spectrum, approximately its wavelength is 595.7 nm. The visible spectrum, that is the light frequencies perceptible by human beings, goes from about 390 to 700 nm. We could symbolically image that it is on the common line between two kinds of forces, where at the ends are located the black and the white. The black and the white, easily referable to masculine and feminine, capturing the concept of the Chinese philosophy, of theyin and the yang. In the game of opposition , but also of interdependence, this duality, if perfectly balanced, creates harmony, the interior peace for us and for the nature. It’s wonderful to consider this color, the burnt sienna, as a meeting point, as a result, a fruit, a product. Exactly as for the fruits that grow from the cultivated land, from the tension to growth represented by the day, to the lunar phases that lull and protect the buds.

Trame di stile yarns

From the braiding of the yarns, obtained with products of the land, Trame di stile tailor its dresses. Warp and weft are land, stems, tied to the symbol of the nature, essential part of life. Hemp, nettle, cotton, are the yarn to which Trame di stile dedicates its first collection.

  • Hemp. The yarn is obtained from the plant stem that, once collected, is left to dry. The next step is the one of maceration when fibers release themselves, to be then extracted, separated from the rest through the scutching.
  • Nettle. There are two natural ways to extract its fibers:make macerate the stems in the water, to then decorticate them, or to the air, a far longer method. After the washing, we proceed to the scutching as for the hemp.
  • Cotton. Derives from cotton wool, filaments that wrap the fruits. Once aspired, the cotton wool is ginned, freed by the seeds and subjected to carding, to unravel the fibers.