Colors live in the light.. Every gradation of tone that is visible to us goes from 430 to 750 nanometres. A frequency corresponds to a single color. The game of perception of the various tones depends on the absorption and release of light particles. And it is precisely with the light that Trame di stile wants to play for the colors of its first collection. With the intensity, the deepness, the combinations with shades that vibrate to opposite frequencies, or close but of a far temperament.

Absorption and release of frequencies

Creating a melody of bright notes, vibrating colors that unexpectedly arise from the flowing of fingers on the piano. Every key, ivory, is a veiled composition of bright, soft, tenuous, subtle tints. Every black key,guards and protects as much colors we can even only think, image. It keeps them there, as a personality hidden to the world, a happiness, an intimate vivacity, unconfessed.

Black has a deep soul, elegant, only apparently grim. It’s hungry of poetry, tenderness, so it subtracts the rainbow to the sky, keeping for itself every color, to soothe the sense of loneliness.

The white doesn’t, it donates pearl threads eager of tearing themselves, such as clouds after a summer rainstorm, when the sun violently takes its place back. And here is that the world overflows of colors, of energy, and each thing has exactly the shape it has to have, the nuance that makes it unique.

The colors of Trame di Stile

That’s how the Trame di stile collection comes to life with tints full of color, totals.

The black. A color that contains every shade, every emotion, every season. The heavy rain and leaden skies belong to it, but also the trips to the sea, the carefree and free light. Any color next to black becomes impetuous, vigorous, praising and celebrating the life it contains.

Furthermore, Trame di Stile thinks, for the colors of its first collection, toochreand indigo, full of Earth, celestial bodies, cosmos. Ocher, imbued of the relationship with the elements of the nature, of nourishment for existence, of autumn leaves, of rock. Indigo, jeans color, is the color of the creation, of the birth of everything, of the magic of life.

Finally, are added discrete colors, neutrals: the natural colorof the hemp fabrics and the white of the nettle yarns. They recall ancient hues, the ancient countrysides when we lived of purity, essentiality, of home.

The psychology of colors

The psychology of colors studies the effect of colors on human behaviour.. The colors act, as demonstrated by chromotherapy, that based right on that, on people’s mood and influence their actions. As with food, also in clothing it is advised to change. Changing often the shades to wear, helps finding the right balance with oneself. The lower frequencies, that correspond to warm colors, such as red, tend to energize the person who wears them, but if the energy is too much it risks to be excessive. While cool colors, that vibrates at higher frequencies, have the opposite effect, meaning that they discharge the indispensable energy. Just think of the exciting effect that sunlight has on people’s mood and of the depressed state brought by an extended exposure to dark, unlit light.