A business: Trame di Stile. A history: the one of Claudia Aureli, whose path outlines itself, along the years, through a series of choices that start, first of all, from herself. Her lifestyle, based on the principles of ecosustainability and attention to the wellness of the body, was projected, first, on an entrepreneurial project in the food sector. We take care of ourselves starting with food: banal, but not obvious concept.

The great experience as a successful entrepreneur and the willing to explore other methods that could have allowed her to express her personal and refined point of view on life, turn on in Claudia Aureli the desire to create a new and even more conscious project, the one of Trame di Stile.

The keywords of Trame di Stile are: sustainability, elegance and quality.

Every step of the supply chain, from the weaving of the thread to the creating of the garment, is followed with dedication and attention for every single particular. The used vegetable fabrics are of the best quality, in order to ensure that their precious characteristics are maintained in favour of a healthy and pureness wearability.

Wearing the Trame di Stile clothes we immediately perceive the total alignment with ourselves and with nature. The fabrics, hemp and nettle, involve the senses in a delicate and harmonious trip. We feel and we look beautiful. Every dress, wisely designed by expert hands of the Italian tailoring tradition, has breathable and antimicrobial characteristics, protects from UV rays and regulates body temperature.

Trame di Stile’s clothes, bring us back to those times when a dress was forever, didn’t ruin and didn’t discolour. This step back is a careful and conscious step ahead, in a reality now always more precarious and ephemeral. A sign of stability and solidy of a completely Italian company. Because, it’s known, style has always belonged to us.