Water has undergone a process of strong impoverishment, because of which it lost each of its healthy properties. With the industrialization, it has been denatured and enclosed in plastic bottles, a chemical and polluting material. The impoverishment of water occurred in relation to the value that it has in a wider context, the one of life as conscience. It’s from water what that originated the life of an entire planet, and it’s thanks to it that it can carry on. Once, this natural element was venerated and respected, as is clear, for example, from walking through the gardens of the Andalusian palace “the Alhambra”. All is not lost: today some theories are re-evaluating the importance of water, studying its mysterious capabilities, as has done the Japanese Masaru Emoto. Regardless of the veracity of those interesting theories, it would be nice anyway to see the value of water back on top as an essential and fundamental element for life.

The Alhambra, the water palace

Water, an element of which thought evokes images of life, birth and freshness. It’s mild gurgling, sometimes still present in the nature, is considered therapeutically like the vibrations produced by the mantras of yoga.

In the region of Andalucia, in southern Spain, rises the Alhambra, an awesome example of Arabian architecture. Fairy-tale palace almost completely crossed by ponds, fountains and rivulets of water that sweetly flow down the harmonic and geometrical lines of its forms. A perpetual whisper that gives serenity and peace to those who cross it. The fundamental presence of water in the project of the Alhambra, suggests how much this natural element, was respected and understood. We should retrace our steps and remember the value that, in ancient times, was given to natural elements. As mentioned above, from water originated life and everything that exist today. Don’t forget it.

The hidden messages of water of Masaru Emoto

The Japanese Masaru Emoto is famous for his studies on the memory of water. According to Emoto, water, an element of which human beings and Earth are composed for ¾, is an organism with its own conscience. That means that it has the ability to react to a stimulus, manifesting an answer related to it.

Emoto has submitted water to the energy, and consequently to the vibrations, of thoughts, of words, of emotions, and then compared the crystals that formed in response to the stimulations. Well, on the basis of the information received, water forms more or less composed and harmonious crystals. This pushed Emoto to convince himself that the water has a memory that records the information and then sends an answer according to the vibrations acquired. Positive and gentle words such as love or thank’s, form symmetrical and harmonious crystals, on the contrary negative words originate disordered crystals.


In the light of what said we can imagine that the behaviour of water affects also our way of living and perceiving reality. According to quantum physics, our thoughts, emotions, the words we use, vibrate at specific frequences that our organism records. It is plausible to think that, largely composed of water, it records the negative or positive impressions of life, creating answers on one way or the other. Here’s why it is extremely important to drink good and pure water, in glass, deep nourishment that vibrates in harmony with the organism. Every thing in us or in the world is connected, nothing that exists works in a unidirectional way.

For those who want to deepen the speech on quantum physics:

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