The birth of fashion in Italy Fashion is Italian since ever. And not only in clothing: art, architecture, literature and various social life sectors have been influenced by all-Italian rules. In our country have been created the assumptions for the birth of the classic and eternal Italian taste. The refined, composed and elegant one. The one which has come down to us from centuries of history of work and of habits, where traditions, behaviors and trends have been selected. The style that created the unique beauty of a little art country that since ever dictates the guidelines inside the world panorama. Here’s the birth of fashion in Italy.

What is fashion?

Have you ever asked yourself what fashion is? The word fashion comes from the Latin factiothat means “making or doing”.. Lately this word describes a phenomenon that, according to Simmel, has to do with the need of both social equity and individual differentiation.. Fashion today is a way to state the belonging to a certain lifestyle (the one-time social classes), differentiating oneself, though, from both the ones belonging to the same group and the ones outside of it. So fashion is a communicative act that defines who you are but also who you aren’t. Today, an historic moment in which identities and life possibilities are endless, we feel even more the need to know that we belong to a social group in order not to feel lost in such a wide world, but also, for the same reason, to prove our distinctiveness and personality.

When and why fashion was born

Specifically, fashion was born for the same reasons for which it continues to exist now and to give sense both to diversity and standardisation. Before the 13th century dresses were large, made of long tunics both for man and woman, with detachable sleeves and long hoods.From this century onwards differentiation became necessary for both social and gender distinction.. Female and Male clothing diversification started a process of one’s own personality representation through clothes. But not only of personality: in a new reality that changed so quickly, being able to identify, for example, the role and social class of someone inside society with only one glance was proving crucial.

The new clothes

This is why female dresses started to become tighter, while the male’s, little by little, were getting shorter in the legs. What was emerging was the need to highlight shapes and sexuality. A thing that outraged moralists that openly condemned this new attitude. Fashion birth also brought out professional figures that specialized more and more in the field. So merchants, artisans, shopkeepers, tailors, hatters, embroiderers, revolved around this world that was beginning his way to the complexity of a modern organization. In all of this, a little invention of that time became essential for tight clothes’ shape. The The button came upan as tiny as a fundamental element of Renaissance fashion that enabled to get into tight clothes and closing them after.

The man was now at the center of the world.