A sweet memory: when I was a little girl, with mum, we put on our rubber gloves and dived into the grass, along the stream that crossed our town, to collect nettles for the making of the “minestrone”. Then, once at home, we cleaned them, washed them and, finally, put them in the pot. A ritual that brings with it the tenderness of a past and ended time. We are in full technology era and today, by force of circumstances, Nature is less present in our lives. This created a void, a missing, and it’s known, when something’s not there anymore, we comprehend better the importance it had. Right today, like never before, we feel the need of finding what we lost and, since the human being, since ever, is fabulously capable of reading the exigencies of its time and translating them concretely into reality; just like he created the web from the needing of constant connection with the everything, he has been able to give back light to the very important relationship between Man and Nature. With an added value: not a simple back to the origins, but a look to the future throughout the use of the avant-garde technological innovation. The vegetable nettle fabric is born. A sweet and delicate recall to our childhood, united to a refined elegance and to the love for a lifestyle completely ecologicalecolo and sustainable, possible only thank’s to the today’s technology. Trame di Stile is all of this. Its nettle fabric is the symbol of a circle that closes, the magnificent image of a plant that helps us taking care of ourselves inside and outside, from our diets to the clothes we wear.

And who knows, when we will look ourselves in the mirror, wrapped, with elegance and wisdom, in the Trame di Stile nettle fabric dresses, maybe on our faces will appear a slight smile, to the memory of a little girl that, armed with gloves, collected nettles in gardens.