“Enhance what the ground offers us”, these are the words of the entrepreneur Mauro Vismara, that enclose the deeper significance of his work and of his company. We are talking about Maeko that, since 1998, produces natural fabrics and yarns, intepreting the exigences of the fashion innovation.

Ethics is the fundamental concept through which every manufacturing process expresses itself. Mauro Vismara left years ago the profession of osteopath to dedicate body and soul to its passion for the natural and for fashion. He created the Maeko project with the awareness of always going beyond, of pushing himself, step by step, towards the indispensable direction of sustainability. Towards the total harmony and the most scrupulous balance with the nature and its energy.

The fabrics producting processes: spinning

For the production of yarns and fabrics, Maeko relies on the best manufacturing companies available on the national territory. The enhancing of the Italian product is part of the Mauro Vismara mission, since always supporter of the Italian quality, solid union of innovation and tradition.

Each process, including spinning, weaving and dyeing, is strictly controlled and followed in every detail. For spinning, Maeko relies on Filarte, an historical business reality located in Biella, in the province of Turin, that Maeko acquired since 2019. Filarte deals with the spinning of every kind of fiber or staple, for example hemp, nettle, soy or bamboo. It is essential that the yarns are vegetable, natural, recycled or biodegradable.

Weaving and dyeing

For what that concerns the weaving, Maeko collaborates since 2004 with an important company, present in the territory since 1925, that still works with ancient frames. This slows down the rhythm of weaving in favour of a very high quality fabric. By respecting the ethical principles of sustainability, Maeko enhances the human being, his capabilities, skills and the knowledge of his work. But tradition mixes and blends itself, in perfect harmony, with innovation. In fact the company that deals with weaving, powers itself with solar panels, reducing its environmental impact.

The dyeing of the fabrics is performed by a company from Como, where has been projected and prepared a department exclusively dedicated to ecosustainable dyeing. The desire of matching always more the criteria of sustainability and the consequent research, have developed a dyeing method alternative to the classic one. This method uses machineries that dye at maximum 30°.

The RIFLOC project

The Mauro Vismara’s passion for hemp fabrics has made that a wonderful and ambitious project takes the start. Initially “alone”, only sustained by the urgency of his dreams, Mauro designed the essential lines for the restoration of the hemp and nettle supply chain in Italy. Until the last century our country was among the first global producers of hemp, a cultivation then forbidden for many years. Now that the production has turned back to be legal, Mauro Vismara started the restoration project of the supply chain in collaboration with experts in the field. Giving back the possibility to Italy of developing the hemp production process, starting from the base, that is the cultivation of the same, is fundamental.