There are plenty of very good reasons for which we should wear hemp fabrics, most of all mainly linked to an ethical discourse and to the wellness of the skin. On the web can be found many interesting articles that describe its precious virtues. They are very numerous and all extraordinaries. In recent years the use of hemp has increased enormously in various fields: it has protein seeds that can be used as natural dietary supplements, in medicine are studied the hemp therapeutic properties for Parkinson’s patients and, in natural cosmetics, there are many products that exploit its antioxidant features.

In the textile world, this plant has a very ancient story: the first remains of processed fabrics dates back to 8.000 years ago and, many centuries after, the hemp cultivations, of which was well known the strong resistance of the fiber, were among the most spread for the production of ship sails.

The studies related to its benefits in sustainable clothing are much more recent, today we know with certainty that hemp fabrics are antimicrobial, antibacterial, transpiring and protect from UV rays damage. Furthermore, by cultivating hemp, we have a powerful improving effect on air quality, because its leaves are able to absorb a major quantity of carbon dioxide compared to trees. Finally, we can add that hemp needs very little water to grow and can enrich the ground in which it is cultivated of useful substances.

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An ethical lifestyle is, today, a necessary precondition to save ourselves and the planet from a quite disastrous fate. But let’s be sincere, we also live in a reality in which we can’t ignore all that concerns the taste for beauty Especially in Italy, where we have cultivated the aesthetic sense for long centuries, it’s not possible to fill our wardrobes with sustainable dresses without satisfying our need to feel beautiful. The Italian woman loves fashion and want to dress with style.

We all remember the unfortunately miserable evolutions of hemp fabrics from years ago, during that period when the New Age was still going crazy and the natural events, from ecological to biological, were starting to spread. The hemp fabrics were rough on the skin and the only color possible was the natural one.

Some of us surely remember the grandmothers’ hemp sheets, that were so hard and rigid that we almost struggled to get into bed.

Well. Now that we have remembered the, even if ethical, discomfort of old hemp fabrics, we can prepare a hot herbal tea, sit on the sofa and start to scroll the Trame di Stile’s sustainable clothing collection, and image ourselves while we wear its warm, soft and elegant clothes. The lines, the refinements, the precious details, are the result of a wise Italian hand that has been able to combine the concepts of ethical and sustainable with the ones of beautiful and comfortable.

Today, thank’s to the innovative techniques in the processing of vegetable fabrics, a sustainable and fashionable clothing is absolutely possible.

We live in the age of the image par excellence, we are image and we continuously create images. That’s why the sense of ethics, now more than ever, must be synonymous of sense of aesthetic. Hemp yes, but with style.