Despite the unreasonable measures taken by the Trump government last year, it seems that the USA, inspired by Italy, are starting to chose healthier food. This is a decisively positive signal for the country of junk food par excellance, but also for Italy, that has the possibility to increase its own exportations.

Government choices in contrasts with those of the citizens

It’s from 2010 the Barack Obama law, strongly required by his wife Michelle, that imposed to American schools to improve the students’ diet. A decision that concerned both the packaged food sold in the vending machines, and the one proposed by the cafetaria. More fruit, vegetables and healthy food containing low sodium and low sugar. A battle, the one of Michelle, mortified almost 10 years later by the concerning step back of the Trump government. Right last year, in fact, the dispositions of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act law, by Obama, have been delayed to 2024. Consequently, food companies and schools will have more time to adapt. A clear indicator of backwardness by a government that doesn’t follow the choices of its own citizens.

The change taking place

The US population, since a few years, is changing course in terms of food choices. There are always more vegetarian or vegan restaurants, or that propose less processed and healthier food. Finally is growing the awareness of the important value covered by a lifestyle based on a correct and balanced diet. In supermarkets this data has been widely visible: now we buy more fresh products, while the ready-to-eat foods are suffering a sharp decline in sales. Organic, wholemeal and simpler food in general are preferred.

The new generations: the Millennials

They seem to be young people to tow, the so called Millennials, surely more traveller and computerised, and consequently more up-to-date. The Millennials are all of the people born between the end of the 80s’ and the first years of 2000. Those who, at this moment, have a greater purchasing power and produce more turnover. The new generations are less tied to big brands, to common choices and more likely to experiment unusual and peculiar things. They are also more attentive to health that, in the United States, had been negatively influenced by a bad diet that often leads to obesity and the diseases connected to it.

Italy sets the standard

Also the global trade is taking advantage of the more conscious nutritional choices. In fact, are increasing the exportations from those countries, such as Italy, where food companies represent a global excellance.

So much so, that in the first months of 2020 was recorded an increase in exports from Italy to United States. Index, this, of the change that, even if slowly, is occurring in the country. The more exported food products are: oil, wines and cheese, our excellence since ever. And this happens despite the duties imposed also by Italy that make exportations a lot more expensive.

The new food trends that are now developing in the US, matches with the models on which, since always, the Italian food production is based. Surely the exportations will still increase with the consolidation of new awareness acquired by the people. And also in function of the law Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, that in its application needs and will need major attentions.

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