Farfetch, the platform that sells luxury fashion, launched a tool that indicates the impact on the environment of the materials of which the clothes are made of. Not only, it suggests the purchase of second hand clothing listing the advantages of a more sustainable choice.

Today, in the fashion field, we talk always more about sustainability. Especially now that the crisis is not only economical, but it also creates a rethinking of the fashion’s role and identity in this new era.

What is Farfetch?

Farfetch is an e-commerce platform founded in 2007 by the Portuguese José Neves that puts in communication luxury brand with consumers. This way, customers all over the world have the possibility to choose and buy among more than 1200 brands, boutiques and shops. The global reach of Farfetch allows it to ship and deliver in 190 countries in the world.

The Farfetch company policy bases on the concept of Positively Conscious: the awareness to purchase making a positive action for the planet. Sustainability is, in fact, the Farfetch’s mission, that is giving always more space and relevance to the brands with sustainable collections. It is fundamental, in fact, for the company, to sensitize its customers towards the respect of animals and of the environment.

The Farfetch sustainable actions

On the website can be found an environmental impact calculator, a tool that measures the impact that each fabric has on the environment. Clicking on the various materials, you will find out how many carbon kilos and litres of water have been used to produce a kilo of fabric. Furthermore, the tool shows the symbols of the existing certifications of the same sustainable materials to which we could refer to, to orientate in purchasing.

But it’s not all: Farfetch sustain the choice of second hand clothing and accessories, proposing a whole pre-owned collection. From the homepage menu one can access to the section in which are shown the available brands. Always on the site can also be found the “Farfetch second life” service, that offers the possibility to resell one’s own bags. This is how it works: for each bag, Farfectch gives in exchange credits for the future purchases on the platform.

Does fashion starts from below or from above?

It can be said that fashion is the result of mutual conditionings that occur between the two parts. High fashion brands are an inspiration for the mass fashion, but at the same time, it’s right the mass that determines the trends of the market. This means that the choices and the preferences of each of us contribute in piloting the decision that are taken by the big brands.

Surely it’s the same also for what that concerns the concept of sustainability. The people’s attention towards the environmental themes is very high during last years and this is undoubtly conditioning the development and evolution of high fashion. But not only, also fast fashion is percurring the same path. The evolution of the field must necessarily lead to a slow down, that means more resistant and durable clothes, as well as a transition, already started, to sustainable fashion.