How many times we fall in love with a dress and almost instantly we are obliged to throw it away?

Too often, clothes don’t last more than a season and it’s really hard to give up that jacket or that hat, that made us feel so special. We keep them there, in the wardrobe, despite it’s impossible to wear them again. Almost like if we want to deceive ourselves that one day they will go back being what they were, sometimes we observe them, we remember of the period when we weren’t able to do without them and, in the end, we never find the courage to detach ourselves from them. It would mean to get rid of a past emotion to which we are still tied and that we would like to live again. The ruined and worn out dress becomes a nostalgic fetish from which, sooner or later, we are obliged to separate.

In the age of disposable we are forgetting of the fundamental role of craftsmanship, of what is created with art and with love, to last.

The clothes we wear talk about us, they tell our story and are our story. We buy a garment piece because we feel that it represents us, it describes us through its shapes and its color. It’s the emotion we feel when we put our head in the wardrobe to understand who we want to be that day at the restaurant or in the office, when we choose our outfit. Connecting an emotion to a dress goes beyond the more formal or less formal situation that we are going to live: we parade puzzled in front of the mirror, while on the bed accumulate, one after the other, all the “no” and then suddenly… here it is! The right outfit, the one able to narrate about us without words. The instinct guides us towards what, in this particular occasion, we need to communicate to ourselves and to others. If we think about it for a while, we realize how amazing is our inconscious: it knows before than us the way we want to show ourselves to the world. The style we have, through clothing, make up, haircut and hair color, talks about us and many times it brings out what we were sure to be able to hide.

We’ll remember forever the outfit of an important day and, by wearing it again, we will wear also a moment of our history, memories and experiences. Like when we feel a familiar perfume in the air and by breathing it, we live again the sensations of a holiday or a past loves.

For this reason the reality of disposable is terrible: we can’t fill of life and energy the dress we buy anymore. In a short time the tints lose tone, the stitchings yield, the fabrics deteriorate and we have to buy something else, that anyway will have the same short duration.

We deeply need to go back to the poetry of craftsmanship, to the tailoring tradition, to what that is created with cure, art, to last over time and walk with us along a part of our path, like a diary in which to write important experiences, emotions and secrets.

That’s what Trame di Stile is: the artistic sensitivity of those who passed down since ever the sweetness of the memory of a happy moment, of a hug or also, why not, of a tear.