It’s true, human body has a strong capacity for adaptation, but it can be said that, since the ‘800 second scientific revolution, with antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives and pollution , it was put to the test. Human organism constantly faces harmful chemicals agents attacks. The superficiality with which often medicines are prescribed has made viruses and bacterias always stronger so much as to generate a real war between Man and Nature. The same happens with pollution: climate changings aren’t a myth, as long as illnesses caused by the polluted air we breathe. Pesticides and preservatives further contribute to weaken the organism and, consequently, the defence system.

Today web is swarming with diets and nutritional programs that proclaim themselves as healty and corrects. But is it possible to have a 100 % healty diet? No. But we can try to make better choices to avoid the risk of facing serious health issues.

Unfortunately, supermarket became a mine field and, at best, we go home with a minimum quantity of preservatives in our shopping. Everyone knows that industrial products should be avoided, that meat comes from intensive polluting farmings and is full of antibiotics, fruits and vegetables are cultivated with the use of pesticides, pasta has a always higher gluten percentage and containts glyphosate a very dangerous herbicide. So we try to run for cover with the biological: spending more money, we think, the food is surely healthy. No. Biological products aren’t qualitatively better than the conventionals and aren’t free from pesticides, as the 2015 Altroconsumo enquiry demonstrated.

So what to do? Unfortunately attacks come from every direction, the only possible solution is to try to inform ourselves accurately: knowledge and wisdom allow us a more correct lifestyle.

First of all, physical activity is essential, human being is made to move constantly, apart from rest. Sport represents without a doubt an important source of salvation as it helps to eliminate from the organism harmful chemicals elements. The famous toxines, which we often hear about, are chemical compounds present in the air, in the water, in food, in drugs, in detergents and in preservatives, but also in the human ormanism in the form of waste. Facilitating the expulsion is a smart prevention method that we cannot do without.

In addition, it is essential to get used to reading the labels of the products we find on the shelves when we go grocery shopping. It’s hard to perfectly understand what do they contain, but even if the more notions we have the better it is, in most cases the ingredients with incomprehensible names are the ones we should avoid. However, basically, it is besto to buy food with few ingredients (gluten free products, for example, has a neverending ingredient list and are rich of preservatives and various addeds).

The healtiest alternative is to cook at home. We often think that it takes too much time, but buying the right raw materials and following the many simple and fast recipes at our disposal on the web, we gain precious minutes lost at the supermarket looking for the the least worst and we could really have a better diet.

Finally, a good practice to follow in order to give a hand to our increasingly weakened intestine is taking probiotics that help to prevent dysbiosis, that causes many more or less serious disorders and deseases.