6 October 2022, Thursday


Globalization? Yes, but not too much

The disadvantages to which the globalization, going on for decades, brought, are there for all to see: the free movement of goods, people, ideas, made everything closer and accessible, it’s true, but at the...

State of fear

Fear, state of mind associated with the negative thought of a possible catastrophic future, that blocks the present. How do we live in fear? In constant apprehension, with terror as only mode of life. Fear...

Global awakening

Italy is immersed in a surreal silence. A silence that is holding its breath, contracted, in the wait. An enemy that we can’t look in the eyes, defy and from which we are not able...

The time of slowness

“I defend the human rhythm: the precise time, no more and no less, that it takes to do things right. In order to think, to reflect, to not forget who we are”. These are...


We are called to reflect, we are called to the company of only ourselves, of our thoughts, our anxieties, our fears. We are called to the change. We can only change ourselves It may seems little...

How will we be in the new world?

In a recent interview given to Vogue, the CEO of the trend forecasting agency Wgsn, Carla Buzasi, briefly told how will be the new society in which we will find ourselves living from now...

Eudaimonia, joyful entrepreneurship

Eudaimonia, joyful entrepreneurship Eudaimonia, daimon, kalokagathìa.. These are the terms within which the Greek philosophers enclosed the significance of human existence and the discipline that regulated both the public and private life. A society can...
sustainable garden

The sustainable garden

The sustainable garden is a philosophy tied to the love and respect for Nature. . In fact, in order to be sustainable, a garden needs to consider the environment’s features and to be given...

Yoga, the misunderstood practice

  When we talk about yoga, we immediately think of a practice, very popular in recent years, that helps to relax and to lose weight. Ciò non è del tutto sbagliato, ma nemmeno totalmente corretto....

The ecosustainable home

Living in a home with almost zero consumption is the dream of everybody. Soon it will be possible to do that also in Italy. In fact, since 2021 every new home built will have to...