6 October 2022, Thursday


Microplastics: between garments and cosmetics

Microplastics are plastic fragments of very small size that are particularly harmful for the environment and for human health. Everywhere the sea is scattered with these particles that, mistaken for food by fishes, become...

Business sustainability: what are the criterias to respect?

The concept of sustainability, or sustainable development, is not recent. The world Commission for environment and development (Brundtland Commission), organized by the United Nations, gave a clear definition of it in 1987. Sustainable development is...

Plastic, a bit of history

When in comes to plastic, the association with oil is obviously immediate. This natural origin fuel, considered for a long time as humanity’s best friend, is now proving to be the biggest misfortune ever. Why?...

Concerts and sustainabilty: still a long way to go

We’re all with bated breath waiting to know in few months if in 2021 we’ll be finally allowed to attend the concerts that have been canceled this year. Unfortunately the situation on the health...