6 October 2022, Thursday


2020, the international year of plant healt

The castnia of palms (Paysandisia archon) is a lepidoptera belonging to the family Castniidae of South american origin. It has been introduced in Europe as a consequence of palms importation from South America and...

Phytoremediation: nature helps us

It is said that kids never feel resentment: their innate inclination and tendency to happiness naturally guide them towards serenity, peace, joy. As we well know, they are the purest age-range, probably together with...

Honeysuckle, symbol of love

The honeysuckle is a shrub with a heady scent that narrates love, it’s the symbol of love, of an unbreakable bond, like the absolute one between Tristan and Isolde. Just like every love, dominated...
sustainable garden

The sustainable garden

The sustainable garden is a philosophy tied to the love and respect for Nature. . In fact, in order to be sustainable, a garden needs to consider the environment’s features and to be given...

Aloe Vera, once the plant of immortality

“You ask me what secret forces sustained me during my long fastings? Well, it was my unbreakable faith in God, my simple and frugal lifestyle and the aloe of which I discovered the benefits...