25 June 2022, Saturday


Banani per la produzione di Bananatex, il tessuto sostenibile.

Bananatex, the fabric made of banana leaves

Bananatex, a fabric completely realized with banana plants, contribute to sustainable development in environmental, economic and social terms. The sustainability of the plant used to produce the technical fabric has been considered in 2015...

Farfetch, the sustainable fashion platform

Farfetch, the platform that sells luxury fashion, launched a tool that indicates the impact on the environment of the materials of which the clothes are made of. Not only, it suggests the purchase of...

Maeko, the Italian natural fabrics production

“Enhance what the ground offers us”, these are the words of the entrepreneur Mauro Vismara, that enclose the deeper significance of his work and of his company. We are talking about Maeko that, since...