“Beauty will save the world” says the famous quote taken by “The Idiot” by Dostoevskij.

Neuro-aesthetics, discipline founded in 1994 by the neurobiologist Semir Semi, deals with studying the reactions of the brain when it experiences something perceived as beautiful. It involves the area usually dedicated to emotions elaboration. The more the experience is profound and pleasant, the higher neuronal activity will be registered. So we can say that beauty, belonging to the range of emotions, is an experience available for everybody, even if with a different level of intensity. It is true that many subjective factors act to define what each of us recognizes as beautiful, but surely there are other factors that contribute to determinate a type of absolute beauty, that everyone can perceive as such. This can be found in every form of art, in nature and also in craftsmanship.

Above all the Italians have developed, a generation after another, a strong aesthetic and artistic sense, thank’s to the wide quantity of beauty in the country. We know how to recognize beauty and we are able to produce it in every field, in fact the beauty of the Made in Italy defines itself through the expression of a cultural identity based on the quality excellence of its products.

And when we talk about the Made in Italy excellence, we can’t but think of the field of Italian tailoring, that covers a prominent place worldwide thank’s to the elegance and refinement of a unique and high quality style.

The brand Trame di Stile puts its roots in a ground rich in Italian tradition, that for entire generations fed itself with taste, style and culture, buds from which beauty has bloomed in a collection where, just like in a work of art, nothing is left to the chance.

With Trame di Stile we add to the ancient tailoring tradition of Made in Italy, a refined, precious and valuable sustainable ethic fashion.

Because creating beauty in the field of fashion, today, means not only to realize aesthetically beautiful clothes, but also working according to criteria of sustainability, taking care of our planet and respecting it. Beautiful becomes a synonim of good and, consequently, sustainability with Trame di Stile, is in addition, completing it, to the excellence concept of Made in Italy: the only way to face a new business project, now, is to work on an ethical base, and the only possible solution to live in total harmony with ourselves and the Earth, is taking conscience of everything we do, eat and wear.

Who knows if beauty will save the world from the situation in which, unfortunately, it is today. Surely the creators of sustainable beauty are increasing fast and represent a big resource, especially in Italy, for a necessary turnabout with respect to the hardly conscious life to which we are mistakenly used to.

It would be an amazing happy ending if we, human beings, especially the made in Italy, will save the world through the beauty of our gestures, exactly how Trame di Stile teaches us.