The cult of beauty puts down roots in Italian society 3000 years ago In fact, it was the Etrurian the first people that gave significance and value to beauty, by defining the principles in which us, the Italians of today, base the concept of harmony; concept from which derives the one of aesthetics, that indicates the external aspect of something, it’s visible features. So Italian style begun with the Etruscan civilization that gave to the research of beauty priority over the rest. Body care, garments refinement belonged to this people, to men, but also to women, who had a decisive role in the society.

The goddess of beauty, the divine harmony

The needing of some ancient people to see beauty realized in the world, expressed itself in the creation par excellence: the goddess of beauty, fertility and love, whose birth occurred when earth and sky met each other. Everything that was accessible through human senses, both terrains or astral, was enclosed in a single concept: woman. For the Etrurian she was Turan, for Greeks she was Aphrodite and for the Romans Venus, the woman, the goddess that figured beauty, divine perfection to tend to and be inspired by. Perfection recalls to itself the order of things. In fact, we are used to say “to be in order” when we are clean and have clothes, hair and clothing are in place.

From order arises harmony, that means a pleasant, nice impression, an arrangement of elements that are proportionately in balance with each other. We can live the concept of harmony in several areas, in music a harmony is a set of sounds, of musical chords that we perceive as pleasurable, in aesthetic the harmony of shapes could refer to the body or also to worn dresses.

The estruscan woman

Our love for harmony and beauty has very distant roots, that comes from a civilization, the Etruscan, that made of beauty a cult expressed in every action, act or situation. The Etruscan woman was extremely emancipated, we know that she actively participated in public life and was admitted to banquets. Moreover, she spent a lot of time taking care of herself and her body, she loved to dress well, in an elegant and refined way. Among the Romans, in fact, people used to say “to dress at Etrurian-style” to indicate a refined way of dressing.

How did the Etrurian use to dress?

In Etruria clothing was very important, in fact a textile industry was already present. The Etrurian had a taste in colors, shoes and accessories. The most used fabrics were wool and linen, that was often adorned with gold thread embroideries. Women wore tunics, skirts, bodices, jackets and covered them with a heavy mantle. They took care of their bodies with ointments, face masks, creams and used to put make up also in their eyes and lips.

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The roots of italian taste

The tension towards beauty and the refinement in Etrurian garments and style aimed to achieve those absolute order and harmony that belonged to the supernatural, to the divine. In fact the typical Italian style finds its roots in the Etrurian and passed down through generations until becoming the style that the world envies us and try to imitate. The Etruscan society started an aesthetic culture, and not only, that helped to form the Italian identity. From the way of thinking to behaviour, from art to habits, to clothing, Italians express themselves through a system of values totally based on the taste of beauty and research of harmony between things.